Party Planning: Three Essential Tips for Hiring a Marquee

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If you are planning on hosting an outdoor event, you will need a marquee. This type of structure is an inexpensive alternative to hiring a conference hall or similar traditional venues. Also, a marquee will provide ideal protection from the harsh elements, and you will have more flexibility when designing the space. However, you should note that the success of your outdoor gathering will depend on the specific chosen structure. Here are practical tips to help you hire the best marquee for your party.

Calculate the Guest Number

You will find marquees in different sizes on the party hire market. It is important to choose the correct size even though your party will be in the great outdoors. Remember, if your tent is too small, the space will become congested, and some guests might be exposed to the harsh sun or rain. Ideally, you should calculate the number of guests before booking a marquee. This process will help you ensure that you can accommodate all the guests while minimising your expenses. If you are uncertain about the number, you should look for a larger marquee for the best results.

Consider the Weather

You should think about the type of weather expected during your party. In simple terms, there are different types of tents on the market, but they are not compatible with all outdoor conditions. For example, a lightweight fabric marquee will provide a reliable shield against the sun. However, if the weather is rough and windy, it might not endure. The structural damage could translate into unexpected expenses. If you are expecting showers, you should choose a heavyweight plastic tent. On the other hand, if the weather will be hot, you should look for features which increase comfort such as removable walls.

Evaluate the Appearance

You should check the appearance of your preferred marquees before finalising your hire. In general, you should look for neutral colour fabrics which can work with your event colour theme. You should also evaluate the shape of the different structures. Small and informal events will work with most unusual shapes. You will need a regular marquee shape for some formal parties. You should also take time to check the condition of your chosen tents. You should avoid worn out structures with stains and general discolouration. Instead, opt for clean and well-maintained marquees even if the cost of purchase is higher.

Finally, you should inquire about the availability of other party assets and accessories, including décor, linen, tables, chairs and entertainment systems.