Table Choices for Your Next Party Hire

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Party hire services can enable you to spice up your event and take it a notch hire. They offer a range of items and services that you would otherwise not be able to access yourself. From tables, chairs, tents and event décor, party hire can enable you to explore new themes, invite more people, and even access venues that you previously thought were out of reach.

One of the most important features in any type of party is the tables. Whether it's a birthday party, graduation, or bridal shower, tables can make or break the comfort of the event. They set the mood of the room and determine how people interact with each other. Here are several types of tables that are offered by party hire services for you to choose from.

Dining tables

If you're looking for a banquet style setting, dining tables will always get the job done. Party hire services offer dining tables of multiple designs to suit your desired theme. Long and wooden dining tables with sturdy, stylish legs always add flavor to a banquet-style event.

These are great for family dinners, graduation parties and other similar events. You can also match dining tables with a wide array of chair selections to provide that extra flare.

Bar tables

For cocktail hour during weddings, dinners and other classy events, bar-style tables care the way to go. They offer a touch of sophistication as your guests mingle with each other over a drink.

These stylish tables can be designed to have unique legs and a sturdy comfortable surface for guests to place their drinks as they talk. They can also be strategically arranged in ballrooms and other areas to allow for convenience and maximization of space.

Round tables

If you want your guests to mingle over dinner or any other meal during your party, round tables are a great choice. Party hire services offer round tables that allow everyone sitting on one table to easily converse and get acquainted during the party.

They are great for events such as graduation parties where family members may want to catch up or meet the graduate's friends.

Coffee tables

For parties where snacks and light beverages are involved, you can't go wrong with coffee tables. They offer a low and comfortable surface for placing such items in easy view and access of the guests of the party.

If you're torn between what tables will suit your next party best, don't hesitate to consult party hire personnel, like those from Renniks Event, to provide expert guidance.