Simple tips for decorating your wedding marquee

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A marquee is a great way to accommodate a large crowd at your wedding reception, combining the cool informality of an outdoor reception with the comfort of an indoor celebration. At first glance, a large tent might seem like a slightly bland backdrop for such a personal celebration. With just a few simple touches, however, you can transform a plain marquee into a venue that reflects your individual style. 

Add colour

Most marquees come in white or neutral colours, but it's easy to add hues that complement your wedding colour scheme. Talk to your marquee hire firm about your options -- many will be able to supply a range of different drapes or swags. You can also add a touch of colour with table decorations or bunting. To add visual interest, considering marking out special areas of the marquee, such as the bar or band area, with a different-coloured hanging as a backdrop.

Use ceiling space

A marquee venue usually offers a lot of headroom, so use it to your advantage in decorating. To brighten the space, hang lanterns or fairy lights. If you want to add visual interest and colour, try hanging colourful flower balls or decorations. Your marquee will come with all the internal lighting it needs, so consider your lighting in terms of colour and look, not visibility. 

Think outside the marquee

When planning the appearance of your wedding marquee, don't forget to consider the outside. You can use exterior lighting to guide guests by linking the exit and the car park or accommodation with a path of coloured lanterns. Standalone signs outside the entrance can also display menus or other information, cutting down on crowding. Of course, the weather doesn't always cooperate, but if it does, outdoor space can be a real asset to your wedding venue. 

Go green

Flowers are traditional for weddings, but there's more to them than just bouquets used as table decorations. Tall plants in planters can break up the open space of a marquee, giving a greater sense of intimacy while still leaving clear lines of sight. Consider using small trees or tall potted plants to screen the bar off from the dining area, for instance, or marking out an avenue for the reception line. A touch of nature helps turn an ordinary space into something a little more exotic. 

There are lots of ways to customise the appearance of your wedding marquee; these are just a few. To get the benefit of an experienced perspective, ask your hire company what they recommend. They may even be able to provide some of your decorations for you.