Hiring Chairs for Your Wedding

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Having a wedding is exciting, especially when you have been dreaming about it for a long time. It can, however, be very stressful since there are a lot of details that have to be considered, such as wedding chairs. This can be very draining, especially if you do not know any providers who can offer these services on your wedding day. However, there are a number of wedding chair hire services that should have your exact specifications at a very affordable price. Before choosing your provider for wedding chairs on your special day, there are a few important things to consider which should help you in making this decision.

Types of chairs                                   

There are a number of different types of wedding chairs that you could choose. They could be banquet, metallic, wooden or simply plastic chairs. Think of the theme of your wedding, since this may affect the kind of chairs that you will hire. It is also important to note that some chairs are more expensive to hire compared to others; for example, the banquet chairs are quite costly while the plastic chairs tend to be very affordable.


If you opt for the simple plastic or wooden chairs, you may need to decorate them so as to make them look a bit fancy. However, you may also desire decorations such as flowers even for the fancy chairs just to make them more beautiful, so try to find out if your provider can incorporate these into the package that you have settled for. Most of them have this allowance, but if they do not, then find out what it would cost you to have it done by someone else.

The arrangement

You have an idea of how your wedding venue should be arranged, so when looking for chairs to hire, communicate the layout that you would like. This will help the service providers to know how they will make your layout possible with your particular choice of chairs. They can also further give you advice if something does not look right since they are professionals and will have experience in that area.

The delivery

This means you communicate with your chair hiring provider to understand the method of transportation that they will use to deliver the chairs at your venue. Also, communicate the address so that they have it right, since it is not uncommon for the chairs to wind up at a different location. It is also very important that the provider has plenty of time to set up the chairs before your event begins, so give them an extra hour or two at the least.