Some Unusual Ideas for a Thirtieth Birthday Party

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By the time a person reaches their thirtieth birthday, they are usually married, own (or part own) a property, have kids and work a full time job. However, they are still young enough to find the appeal of a birthday party attractive. While it is fairly easy to plan a birthday party for someone younger, many people struggle to come up with ideas for a person who will turn thirty on their next birthday. This article may be of some help, as it offers some great—and unusual—ideas for a thirtieth birthday party.

Create a Card Wall

By the time a person celebrates their thirtieth birthday, they will be used to receiving cards for their previous birthdays. Instead of having your guests bring cards, get them to write a message on a large piece of paper, which you have attached to the wall of the venue. Leave out different colored pens (metallic gel pens are a great idea) and have them write their birthday wishes on that instead. This creates an attractive 'card wall' that can be taken down and home by the birthday person.

Balloon Chandelier

At thirty years of age, a person will have plenty of memories and photos of themselves when they were younger. A great and unusual idea is to gather and tie these photos to helium filled balloons, so that the photos hang down at head height; a kind of balloon chandelier is created. It is great fun—not to mention nostalgic—to walk through the chandelier and reminisce about their life with the other guests. This creates a great centerpiece as well.

Decade Candy

Everyone remembers the types of candy they loved when they were younger. In many cases, these types of candy are not in the shops of today. You can purchase special candy capsules from online suppliers; the capsules are loaded with all of the candy from a specific decade. For example, if the birthday person was born in the 1980s, get some candy capsules from that decade. They will be able to eat the candy from their childhood.

Cookie Cake

Rather than present a regular cake for the person's birthday, it is a great alternative to make a cookie cake for them instead. Get some of their favorite cookies from when they were younger, and build up a three or four tiered cookie cake. Not only does it taste great, it looks amazing as well. Be sure to supply cups of milk to eat (or dip) with the cookies.

Employing some of these ideas will enable the birthday guest to have a great party, while reminiscing with friends and family at the same time. For more information and ideas, contact White Marquee