Simple Tips To Transform A Marquee

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For some people, planning decor for an event is the furthest thing from their mind. When an event is outdoor, especially, it is often overlooked, leaving the partygoers gathered under a plain white canvas seated on rickety chairs.

While the act of acquiring the marquee itself is fairly straightforward, it takes a little more thought to transform it into a memorable space for your party. 


The first, and arguably most important, factor to consider is lighting. If your event will take place largely during the day, perhaps lighting will serve little purpose. But as a party creeps into the evening hours, good lighting can transform a space in both good and bad ways.

The first thing to consider when choosing lighting for inside the marquee is, of course, safety. LED lights are necessary inside the marquee, as traditional filament bulbs can mark, or, in some cases, burn, the marquee walls.

Fairy lights are a classic choice and one that adds an elegance to even the plainest of spaces. They are available in a variety of colours; however, white is by far the most popular choice. 

Satisfying both lighting needs and allowing for added colour, the second option you might consider are paper lanterns. These are a popular choice, adding an effortless, stylish touch to your space.


As with many outdoor events, the use of bunting is an extremely popular and very simple way to add interest. With many do-it-yourself options available, bunting can even be personalised to your event and are fairly easy to produce inexpensively.

A second decor option which can be completed inexpensively would be the addition of flowers and customised centre pieces, and with many do-it-yourself craft options, this may be the most cost efficient way to add flavour to your space, particularly to the table settings. As marquee events tend to take place outside, you can add pops of bold colours to add interest to a neutral space. 

Thirdly, the tables and seating selected can dramatically transform a space from dull and boring to lively, warm, and inviting. A comfortable seat can go a long way to change the attitudes of your guests, particularly if your event is several hours long. 

While the focus tends to be on food and activities during party planning, a few simple touches can make all the difference to your marquee space and will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression in the minds of your guests. For more information, contact a business such as Surfcoast Party Hire.